4 Methods to Test the Acidity Level of Water

First of all, it should be noted that reverse osmosis water is slightly acidic, which is not a big deal. However, you should be familiar with this approach. This article describes some methods that can help you test the acidity of filtered water. Let's find out the details:

pH Strip

The pH strip needs to be soaked in water, and the colour change indicates the acidity or alkalinity level of the water. It is advisable to buy something that will help you read between 5.5 and 8.5. It is not advisable to get an acid strip with two wide readings, as it is difficult to distinguish between shades.

Litmus Paper

There is a functional similarity between the pH strip and the litmus paper. The only difference is the low accuracy of the litmus paper. These strips indicate whether the water is alkaline or acidic. Reverse osmosis water is generally a weak acid. Depending on the type of litmus paper, you may not even know if the water is acidic.

Local Test Installation

You can also contact your local water quality inspection agency. Water samples can be sent to these facilities for further analysis. The results obtained from these service providers are much more accurate.

Red cabbage

You can also test with red cabbage. Red cabbage is rich in pigments that change colour depending on the pH level of the water, which helps to test tap water without problems. Just mix the cabbage with water. If the water turns red, it indicates that the sample is acidic.

Does the RO filter increase the acidity of water?

Filtration of alkaline minerals leaves slightly acidic water, which is normal. The same result is obtained regardless of the type of filtration. Water is somewhat acidic and does not harm your health. No matter what you eat, your body can normalize pH levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is reverse osmosis water acidic?

The reverse osmosis unit filters alkaline minerals, so this process increases the acidity of the water. But don't worry, the edge is too low. Lemon juice and tomato sauce, on the other hand, have a much higher level of acidity.

Is reverse osmosis water acidic?

The pH level of reverse osmosis water is 6.5

Need to remineralize reverse osmosis water?

If you want to supplement the acidity of the water, you can consider remineralization. But you don't have to do that for your health. Experts say reverse osmosis water is safe to consume regularly without remineralization.

Can RO Water Reduce Vitamin D?

Drinking reverse osmosis water daily does not increase or decrease vitamin D levels in the body. What happens is that this filtration process filters out some specific minerals like calcium. However, this reduction does not affect your body's intake.

Can RO water remove minerals from your body?

A reverse osmosis process using a reverse osmosis filter removes minerals from tap water. However, drinking this type of water does not deplete the minerals in your body.

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