Data - An Wonder of 21st Century

Data is the collection of facts, figures, or information that can be processed, analyzed, or communicated. Data can be in various forms, such as numbers, words, images, sounds, videos, etc. Data can be generated by various sources, such as humans, machines, sensors, devices, etc.

I don't know how you have come to this website, but I think you were searching for some data. I have also created my blog for letting you know something like this. I have taken some time to design this blog myself. Here, I have not discussed the terms of Data or how data is implemented nowadays. But I will make you understand the importance of data. I think it is high time I post some blog posts to enrich yourself and your friends & families on things you have never figured out. Let's get into the topic!

Data is evaluated to currency.

Think of someone named Mr. "X". He wants to be an entrepreneur. At first, he needs data about what niche he should select. For that reason, he needs the data about which niches are most searched on Google for a specific area or location when he has the idea of the most popular niches on Google search. Then he can analyse the Data on products that are more searched on Google. Many products are being sold over the year, but some are sold only for a season. In this regard, Mr X also has to analyse the data about those products. Many companies are ready with all the above data mentioned. Mr X only has to pay those companies to collect that data. You see, those companies are only being produced by people like Mr X for getting those data; this makes data evaluated with currency.

Data is essential for marketing.

Suppose you plan for marketing (like Facebook Marketing). In that case, you will target your audience according to age group, location, education, interest, gender, search terms. So, companies like Facebook have all the data mentioned above. You only have to pay Facebook for showing your ads to your target audience.

This is how data is essential for marketing.

Breaching data is a big concern for big companies.

In this era of modern technology of IoT, every company is searching for the data of their competitor company. For example, if someone wants to rank 1st on Google search engine, competitors analysis is a big concern. Breaching confidential data of a government project or organisation can lead to massive damage for security concerns and may cause deformation. So, any leak of data is worse than anything.

Be Cautious While Giving Permission To Apps

Permitting authentication to apps installed from outside Google Playstore or Appstore may lead to data leaks from your phone. You may not know that somebody has set up a keylogger in your app to get screenshots of every keystroke or key prases of your phone. So, please think twice while permitting apps. You should not install cracked or mod apps on your phone. Rather, you should install apps from the play store or AppStore.

People respect those who know more digits as "Data."

Think of motivational speakers. They read books, gather knowledge, and then spread the command to the audience/public as data. The more data they have, the more respect they get. This is practical. Someone may know the historical information; someone may know political data; someone may know technological data, and so on. But the more Data someone has, the more they are valuable. It is not necessary to know everything on every topic. You may be a learned person about history only. But make sure you understand the best of it.

You may know the knowledge of movies, TV series, culture; then make sure you understand the best of your genre.

Data Science is now an on-demand course on the planet.

Big companies are hiring data scientists for their company's success. So, the implementation of data science is an on-demand course worldwide. If you want to transform your job to tech companies, Data Science might be really good for you. People with knowledge of Data Science and implementation are impacting global business.

This is all about my knowledge of data; I hope you will like what I have shared here. Let me know what you are thinking about Data and Data Science. Thank you so much for your attention and participation.

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