Why Bangladeshi Geniuses Are Lagging Behind in Technology

At least 95% of people do not comprehend the significance of this wonderful statement. We label him brilliant if he obtains more than a certain number of points on the exam. Students with such high grades are dedicated, not clever.

So, who exactly are the geniuses?

A launch in Bangladesh sunk a few years ago, killing hundreds of people. A man received a call from an unknown number a few days after the event.

So, who are you? Was your son present at the launch? He was discovered at such and such a hospital. You arrive at the hospital immediately. Send a payment of 10,000 taka via Bikash for treatment.

The man's kid has died. I sent the money swiftly and without hesitation. It was later shown to be a forgery. Perhaps the youngster drowned during the launch.

Some people perished in the launch, while others are still missing. On that circumstance, the bereaved person should be tracked down and approached for money. It is known as genius.

Don't get me wrong. I do not condone cheating. A genius is someone who does something that no one else can think of. Passengers lost in the sinking of the launch, demanding money for this chance, such an extreme plan will not occur to regular people.

That cheater is really gifted. His issue is that he abuses his gift. Do you know what occurs when talent is used effectively?

A smart man had the idea to establish a unique form of bank, with the majority of customers being women. That bank makes minor loans. Although it began on a small basis, the bank eventually became global famous. Yes, I was referring to Professor Yunus and the Grameen Bank. The key reason for this bank's success is because it launched various operations that no other bank conducted. This is known as brilliance. Doing things that others would never consider.

Do you know who our country's true geniuses are?


Only 700–800 lawmakers nationwide are now serving in the House of Representatives or are otherwise qualified. Numerous other prominent politicians engage in party administration instead of running for office. There are barely a thousand excellent politicians in all.

The 16 crore citizens of the whole nation are being kept prisoner by these 1,000 individuals. With regard to education, wealth, power, or anything else, the people of the entire nation cannot keep up with those 1000 individuals. We refer to this as brilliance. They take actions that nobody else would ever consider.

  • Bangladesh's political leaders are among the country's top geniuses.
  • The second-stage geniuses include businesspeople, manufacturers, etc. Starting modest and growing to be successful.
  • The crooked and dishonest are the third degrees of brilliance.

None of them are students, take note. Most of them do not make effective use of their gift. No one of our kids is a genius.

Furthermore, technology and research are not properly set up. We are capable, but we lack the will. I spent millions of rupees to rent a robot from another nation. However, I don't have access to study robotics in my own country.

The school system is the biggest issue. It is a methodical way to waste talent. A brilliance is squandered if they behave in this way. Due to this, none of our pupils is geniuses. Our actual geniuses are corruptors, liars, industrialists, and politicians.

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Sheikh Md. Mahtabur Rahman

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